FI09 Case Study

We helped a client interrogate their software for more meaningful insights


We worked closely with the client to understand their requirements, and determined that the easiest way to achieve their goal was to utilise AdaptIQ’s “Export to CSV” feature which is on every list in the application. To suit the client’s specific needs, we added several fields to the export feature, including: Equipment Items, Dispenses, Transfers, and Deliveries. Via these fields, the client can now effectively exchange data with their SAP installation.


To make fast and efficient decisions, mine site operators need access to very accurate and comprehensive data. While one of our clients, one of the world’s largest nickel mines, had already invested in AdaptFMS, it wasn’t integrated with their existing SAP system, meaning their overall insights were limited. And as they didn’t have any middleware in place for Software Integration, they also were unable to fully utilise their AdaptIQ APIs.


Since integrating their technology, the client has enjoyed several important benefits. Most importantly, they can now transfer accurate data about their fuel movements into their SAP Material Management Module, which allows them to automatically capture all goods issue transactions relating to charging back costs.The client can also now use their fuel-related data to inform their maintenance data in the SAP Plant Maintenance Module. This allows the site to plan and schedule preventative maintenance for their heavy duty mining equipment.