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Every day VERIDAPT technology is deployed to monitor and control billions of dollars’ worth of energy, agricultural and metal commodities worldwide.

Our digitised commodities monitoring and management platform takes security to its highest level, increasing efficiencies through real-time inventory monitoring and workflow automation applications.

VERIDAPT technology mitigates the risk of theft and fraud at every step of the supply chain by providing inventory and transactional transparency.

Our platform helps customers reach ESG goals by accurately tracking CO2 emissions.

VERIDAPT leads the digital revolution towards maximum transparency of commodities for a more secure and sustainable future.


Verify and manage commodities with certainty

Fuel & Lubricant


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VERIDAPT is committed to helping its customers reach net-zero targets.

Our IoT platform provides real-time visibility of GHG emissions with accurate reporting, down to each fuel consuming asset, delivering reliable data to track their progress and help industries carbon off-set.

Each year VERIDAPT monitors 6 billion litres of fuel, that’s equivalent to more than 16 million tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Carbon emissions tracking to ensure accurate offsetting

VERIDAPT’s platform measures emissions across your supply chain, be it at the point of production, storage or transport. We don’t estimate or use models.

We provide certainty through real-time data, and our accurate reporting allows our customers to know their total emissions and offset this as part of offering net-zero product.

We integrate with carbon pricing feeds so that you can optimise your purchase and retiring of credits based on market pricing.

AdaptIoT Hub monitors and measures inflows and outflows of petroleum hydrocarbons

Veridapt’s cloud-based platform captures CO2 data in real-time

Veridapt’s platform provides visibility of over 12 million tonnes of CO2 each year

Includes accurate and regular emissions reporting down to the point of consumption

VERIDAPT is an innovative IoT and fintech company, developing its own hardware and software solutions.