FI08 Case Study

We helped de-risk claims for fuel rebates in Australia


VERIDAPT worked with the client to install our Fuel Management System, AdaptFMS, which began metering and recording fuel transactions across the client’s site. Off-site fuel use was identified by itemising fuel consumption to each individual fuel-consuming asset, as some light vehicles were only ever used for off-site purposes. In this way, the system provided a verified data trail from initial purchase to consumption (‘buy to burn’).


In Australia, the government provides a tax rebate for fuel that is used on-site ($0.395/L). A client approached VERIDAPT wanting a solution to help them keep track of their fuel use in order to claim these Fuel Rebates. They also wanted to keep records of the fuel they were using while offsite (i.e. travelling on public roads), which isn’t eligible for rebates. The Australian Tax Office stipulates that if Fuel Rebates are to be claimed, a wide range of information needs to be kept for up to five years.


The client now has complete tax office -auditable records for their fuel purchase, use and consumption, removing any compliance risk. This is a significant improvement on the previous system, where the client simply claimed rebatesbased on their fuel purchase invoices, leaving them open to over-claiming and having to refund monies overpaid.