FI07 Case Study

We helped a client reduce fuel reconciliation discrepancies by 90%.


VERIDAPT installed our full fuel management system, including AdaptMACs, at all of the client’s fuel dispensing points, as well as on fourteen service trucks. The overall system took around seven months to design and install. The new system means the site is now able to meter and record all deliveries, track every fuel dispense, and record all transfers to service trucks. We also customised a data feed of AdaptIQ data into the mine site’s dashboard system. This provides the client – and their staff – with instant information regarding their fuel data.


In the mining sector, having access to accurate and timely information can make a huge difference to the bottom line. Without reliable data, problems can very quickly occur. One of our clients, for instance, reported problems reconciling the fuel volumes they invoiced to the fuel volumes they consumed. Their calculations for Fuel Reconciliation were out more than 10% on a yearly consumption of more than 100ML, and they didn’t know where the problem was occurring, or even where the fuel was going once it had been delivered. Their mining site had VERIDAPT’s remote tank monitoring installed, but no other equipment. This meant they essentially only had half an operational fuel management system in place.


Importantly, the client now has full visibility of their fuel information, and access to verified data regarding how fuel is used across their site. They have achieved a full, end-to-end fuel reconciliation – from delivery fuel truck to tank, to service truck to fuel consuming asset – of less than 1%.