FI06 Case Study

We helped several clients track fuel delivery across their supply chain


To tackle this lack of visibility, VERIDAPT developed a Load Plan and Gantry Solution that provides clients with the means to track and monitor all hydrocarbon use throughout their supply chains.

At all stages of the supply chain, tank storage levels are monitored live (with temperature compensation as well as water level), and final consumption point metering is also installed.


A number of our clients approached us wanting a more effective way to track their Fuel Delivery across their supply chains. Despite deliveries consisting of millions of litres of fuel, many clients were largely in the dark regarding how effectively the fuel was being transported, and where it was at any point in time. Typically, fuel has a long journey before it makes its way onto an individual mining site. It usually starts at a coastal depot, where it is transferred into large tanks. It is then moved to an inland depot via a rail fuel train, and is then transported to site storage via road fuel trucks. Once on site, the fuel still needs to be moved from the main fuel farm to input tank transfers via more fuel tanks before it can finally be consumed.


One particular client has reported a wide range of benefits from this Load Plan and Gantry solution. Most importantly, they were able to replace their unsupported tracking system (which was largely manual and involved errorprone Excel spreadsheets) with a fully-supported and automated system that delivered timely and accurate updates. The new system also incorporates an easy to use touchscreen interface, which replaces paper records and ineffective LED displays and keypads.