FI04 Case Study

We helped a client establish vendor-managed inventory with remote tank monitoring


To deliver new levels of fuel monitoring functionality, we installed our Fuel Management Solution, AdaptFMS, while accommodating parts of the client’s legacy fuel management system. This included VERIDAPT remote tank monitoring solution. We designed and installed tank gauging and associated equipment to provide 24/7, on-line remote tank monitoring with stock on hand and stock trend reports, which were automatically emailed every three hours direct to the site’s fuel vendor who managed all re-supply to site without site staff involvement.


In the mining sector, fuel is a key cost and tracking fuel consumption is essential. A typical site receives 1,500 fuel truck deliveries per year, and requires at least two on-site, full time fuel managers working to check the fuel inventory as it arrives, and to order re-supplies. A client approached VERIDAPT wanting a solution to help them streamline this process. While they already had some good fuel management hardware in place, their solution lacked the full level of functionality that they needed. In particular, the company ran monthly stocktakes, which required fuel levels to be read at midnight on the last night of each month. Previously, this required someone to drive three hours to the tank, and manually read and record the data from the gauges very late at night. Then, they had to order more fuel according the tank level data they had just obtained. Some sites even required gauge reading on a daily basis, which was becoming a significant burden and hazard for staff. Plus, in instances where these staff were ill or on leave, there were often outages and errors in the re-supply of fuel, causing stress to other staff and managers, and impacting production.


Most importantly, the client has significantly reduced the time it spends performing manual fuel checks and ordering fuel. By implementing an automated, online solution, VERIDAPT helped remove the need for staff to maintain a forest of spreadsheets, and also helped provide a safer work environment on site by removing the need for manual dipping. The VERIDAPT system also allows for vendor managed deliveries and inventory by providing remote access to the client’s fuel data over the web.