FI01 Case Study

We helped an international mining company cut its fuel waste.


VERIDAPT were engaged to provide the client with a reliable and efficient means of tracking fuel use across their business. This involved installing our field computer, AdaptMAC, at all light vehicle refuelling points, as well as installing Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags on all site vehicles and on all fuel pump nozzles.


For a particular Canadian mining company, lack of insight into their fuel usage was becoming a significant problem. Under Canadian tax rules, rebates are only granted for fuel that is consumed on-site. However, as the client lacked sufficient data regarding when and where their fuel was being used, gaining access to rebates was becoming very challenging. The client was also unable to accurately measure its fuel use so as to meet its internal sustainablility goals, and also couldn’t determine whether fuel was being wasted or, potentially, used in an unauthorised way.


For the client, the benefits have been considerable. Most importantly, they now have access to verified data regarding exactly how much fuel is used onsite, meaning they thoroughly comply with the TSM and provincial tax regulations. The usage reports are quick and easy to generate, and they can also lodge their claims with confidence, knowing the data is completely accurate.