VERIDAPT’s AdaptFMS platform monitors, controls and authorises the use of over 5 billion litres of fuel annually, across 60+ large global mining and rail operations. Our clients include top tier mining companies BHP, Rio Tinto, Glencore, Vale, Teck, Syncrude and major rail companies.

AdaptFMS has been leading the world in hydrocarbon management for over 15 years. It is built on our rugged hardware and enterprise software application.

AdaptFMS monitors CO2 emissions down to each fuel consuming asset. Helping our clients reach their net-zero emissions targets with accurate reporting.

We've proven our value-added service through case studies across our customers.


AdaptFMS provides mining, rail & fuel enterprises with comprehensive hydrocarbon management by monitoring and controlling deliveries, transfers, storage and dispensing from a central web application, AdaptIQ.

Fuel and oils are only dispensed to authorised equipment items which are identified by PIN or RFID tag.

An additional layer of accountability can be added by requiring user authorisation at the dispensing or delivery point which is reported as part of the transaction record.

Users can monitor via web browser all storage levels, transactions records, alarms and errors. Reports can be created ad hoc or using pre-defined templates.

Data can be exported to 3rd party systems or to excel for further analysis. Limited access can be granted to suppliers such as fuel vendors to assist in inventory management.

The software is driven by both user feedback and technical innovation and new features are under constant development.

We now offer emissions reporting, down to each fuel consuming asset, providing visibility and transparency of CO2 emissions.

Cost savings achieved by improving KPIs

Our software provides insights to help improve targeted key performance indicators in fuel management. Helping a mine achieve exponential value across the entire site.

Flow rate performance

Monitor flow rates to ensure fuel infrastructure operates at the highest performing level

Delivery verification

Double-check each fuel delivery against tank gauging at the receiving point

Pit stop performance

Achieve full visibility of the refuelling process to drive higher efficiencies

Service truck productivity

Monitor and manages site’s service trucks to increase their productivity

LV fleet monitoring

Monitor and eliminate unauthorised fuel consumption by light vehicles

Fuel tax credit

Transparency and traceability maximise tax rebates

Fuel burn reduction

Uncover fuel savings by identifying equipment with abnormal consumption

Our key features include:

Cloud application providing complete integration with all field hardware.

Easy access to site wide Stock on Hand information. Accurate and accessible transactional data for all products dispensed.

Stock security and Environmental Control, only authorised users and/or equipment can dispense product. Both equipment and personnel can be identified for every transaction.

Live field data (tank levels, in service equipment) can be viewed by anyone with a web browser.

Emissions reporting down to each fuel consuming asset.

Automatic engine hour captured at time of refuelling.

Corporate and field user access is via web browser. No custom application required for user access.

APIs available for data exchange.

Granular application security allows for tight control of AdaptIQ.

Customisable, automatic and scheduled Data Exchange ERP and other 3rd party systems.

AdaptFMS Benefits


Business Process Automation

Business Process Automation

  • Scheduled tank gauging to eliminate manual dipping events
  • Implementing vendor managed inventory and confirmation of delivery volumes to ensure accurate deliveries
  • Automated cost allocation between departments
  • Generate reports for taxation and environmental accountability
  • Integrating with ERP systems for data exchange

Cost Reduction

Cost Reduction

  • Improving cost allocation and control
  • Use reports to ensure access to carbon taxes claims and fuel rebates
  • Reduce theft and stock level holdings through digitised inventory management and controlled access to fuel and lubricants
  • Eliminate stockouts at fuel and lubricant facilities, especially in remote locations

Productivity Improvements

Productivity Improvements

  • Reducing the frequency and time of refuelling through measurement and benchmarking
  • Use field data to validate business improvement initiatives and optimise fleet purchasing
  • Identifying anomalies and outliers to monitor service truck productivity and reduce costly equipment repairs

Risk Management and Governance

Risk Management and Governance

  • Improving compliance with legislative requirements (such as workplace health and safety, dangerous goods and mine safety), by reducing the need for manual data recording
  • Access to real-time data to ensure accurate reporting to government (Department of Environment, National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting, National Pollutants Register)



Precise transparent supplier interactions

Delivering accountability

Precise transparent supplier interactions




On-site management, authorisation, and control


On-site management, authorisation, and control



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VERIDAPT is focused on providing exceptional customer service through proactive partnerships with our customers,delivering operational outcomes and efficiency improvements.

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