VERIDAPTTM is developing an intelligent and robust IOT platform that reduces the risk of managing forestry assets while quantifying sequestration of carbon resulting in improved asset value.

Our automated technology can accurately measure carbon storage from forestry using a combination of unique durable field sensors, satellite, drone and LIDAR images to map and calculate tree volume and biomass absorption.

Our rugged IOT sensors maximise forest health and mitigate the risk of fire and disease by monitoring fuel load, tree health, and ground conditions.

A global problem…..

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues facing humanity. Cutting emissions is only a first step. The world also needs to absorb CO2 currently trapped in the atmosphere.

… is a business challenge

Carbon offsets can compensate for emissions elsewhere, but it has to be accurately measured and certified. Entire industries are already moving to offset their carbon footprint but without reliable carbon accounting practices.

Leveraging our expertise

VERIDAPT was built on expertise verifying and quantifying the movement of carbon in the form of fuel and oil for the worlds biggest mining companies. Now we also track carbon sequestration to allow creation of high quality, validated carbon credits to make them auditable, comparable and tradeable.