Mitigate Operational Risk

AdaptSCF solution allows you to reduce the operational risk associated with trade commodity finance.

We provide secure real-time monitoring of commodities, ensuring constant visibility and access, 24/7 to quantity and quality data.

Our workflow application, designed specifically for the commodity trading and financing, is an easy-to-use, one-stop management tool for transactions across the deal lifecycle, including auditing and review.

Deal Workflow Management

Our web-based and mobile phone-friendly application, AdaptSCF DealFlow reduces process risk across the deal lifecycle by providing commodity bankers and traders with a single platform for all stakeholders to manage activities, transactions and documents at a glance.

A common data platform for
all stakeholders to share and utilise

Capture data for auditing purpose
and view workflow status

CMA inspection reports if required

Achieve key mile-stones with sign-offs
and approvals improving compliance

Expand platform to include
real-time monitoring of physical goods

Alerts and alarms to signal anomalies

Achieve deal approval and
continue to manage the deal lifecycle

Dashboard provides easy overview of deals

Drag and drop emails and documents
into a single place

Reporting by deal types, customers,
commodity types

Transforming risk into revenue


Mitigate operational risk by verifying the physical commodity with remote, real-time monitoring and improve compliance and internal approval processes within the deal lifecycle workflow


Increase revenue by extending financing windows across supply chains, aggregate inventories across multiple locations and secure deals with bulk inventories anywhere in the world. Finance commodities not just on third party storage, but on your customer’s site. De-risk propositions that make the previously impossible, possible. Reduce theft and fraud.