Decrease risk, Increase margins

VERIDAPT’s verification platform is a tool to help mitigate risk and increase transparency in physical inventory deals. Increasing visibility and control in commodity financing transactions allows you to extend finance where you normally wouldn’t.

Help your bank reach more customers through better risk-management and improve margins by lowering costs of inspections, reducing insurance premiums and decreasing theft and fraud.

The platform is cloud-based and enables:

Real-time monitoring of commodities across multiple customer sites anywhere in the world, including remote locations


A common data platform for all stakeholders to share and utilise


Scalable solutions from a single site to global operations


A range of solutions from ‘light touch’ integrations with customers’ existing measurement and sensing solutions to fully independent stand-alone systems


Reduced risk and increased transparency of financed commodities’ quality and quantities


Extension of financing opportunities throughout the supply chain


Confidence to mitigate risk in supply chain finance with a proven end-to-end solutions with experience in mining, oil & gas, transport and agriculture industries

VERIDAPT manages

Deal Complexity


Physical Fraud

Document Fraud