FI03 Case Study

We helped a client save money by implementing field dispensing limits


VERIDAPT developed a special feature for our existing AdaptFMS, which enables the client to limit the amount of fuel each vehicle can take per shift, per week, or per month. This means that vehicles can only be filled up once per shift (or other nominated period), which stops drivers taking additional fuel off site, or filling up personal jerrycans.


As fuel is such a significant cost at any mine site, unauthorised use can weigh very heavily on the bottom line. When one of our clients became concerned that their contractors were using more fuel than they were approved to as there is no way to set a Dispense Limit, they approached FluidIntel to help them find a solution. The client was also worried that they were unable to accurately bill their contractors for fuel, as governed by their contracts


The client reported fuel savings in the first year of $527,000, from a total fuel spend of $100M. This includes savings generated through the Dispense Limit feature, safe fuel levels, and other fuel authorisation technology.